Did you know that banks prefer to lend money to particular professions? The secret to getting the best possible interest rate is to apply with the right lender!

Each lender has their own pricing strategy and they tend to cut interest rates aggressively when they want more business. However, when they are busy they are unlikely to approve a special discount for you.

1) Which professionals qualify?
2) Negotiated Interest Rate Discounts
3) Which professions are deemed low-risk borrowers?
4) Are you a High-Income borrower?
5) Can High-Net Worth/High Income borrows qualify for discounts?
6) Did you know we have a special package for High-Net-Worth borrowers?


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Home Loans For Doctors

Australian banks favour doctors above all other professions because they are known to be low risk borrowers, earn high incomes and often approach the bank later in life for a business or investment loan.

Doctors have one of the lowest default rates of any profession and are considered highly profitable clients by banks.

1) What discounts are available?
2) Waived LMI
3) Discounted interest rates
4) Buying a commercial property
5) Medical Equipment Finance
6) What kind of medicine do you specialize in?
7) Which medical professions do not qualify for these special discounts?

Home Loan Discounts For Dentists

Not everybody is scared of the dentist’s drill: Some of the banks love dentists! Did you know that dentists may be eligible for special discounts on their home loan that aren’t available to the general population?

1) What are the banks offering?

2) Interest rate discounts

3) Waived LMI Home loan

4) What are the criteria to get your LMI waived?

5) Can I use this to build a portfolio of investment properties?

6) Which bank is best?

7) Finance a dental clinic

Home Loan Discounts For Vets

Veterinarians are known to be low risk, well-educated borrowers. Some of our banks really want your business and are willing to go the extra mile to get it!

1) What special discounts are available for vets?

2) How large are the interest rate discounts for vets?

3) Waived LMI

4) Do I qualify for a discount?

5) Buying investment properties

Home Loans For Pharmacists

Did you know that you don’t have to be a doctor to enjoy discounted interest rates and waived lenders mortgage insurance?

Buy your dream home with special home loan deals that are not available to the general public and get rewarded for your professional pharmacist status and asset position.

1) Available home loan discounts

2) Waived LMI?

3) What if you could have LMI waived though?

4) Are reduced interest rates available?

5) Grow an investment property portfolio

6) Which banks offer these special discounts?

7) Who qualifies for LMI waivers and discounts?


Home Loans For Optometrists

Did you know that some lenders offer special discounts for medical professionals such as doctors and optometrists?

You can save a fortune in interest and fees by applying with a bank that is willing to fight for your business.

1) Discounts for optometrists

2) Discounted interest rates

3) LMI waiver?

4) Do I qualify?

5) What if I’m a temporary resident?

6) Is it possible to buy investment properties without LMI?

7) Which home loan features are available?

8) Financing my Optometrist Clinic

Home Loan for Physiotherapists

Did you know that physiotherapists and physical therapists may qualify for significant home loan discounts?

There are some lenders that recognise physiotherapists as low risk borrowers with good incomes and are willing to offer massive discounts. We know who these lenders are!

1) Home Loan benefits available

2) Waived LMI?

3) What if you could avoid this cost altogether?

4) Any interest rate discounts?

5) Which banks offer these special discounts?

6) Do I qualify?

Mortgages for Nurses and Midwives

Generally speaking, all nurses (Registered Nurses) are a preferred profession for several of our lenders and are eligible for professional discounts on their interest rate depending on the size of their mortgage.

Mortgages for Accountants

Accountants are well known by banks to be low risk borrowers with long term career prospects and a high income earning potential.

That means some banks are willing to offer special interest rates and discounts to get your business!

1) What special offers are available?

2) Waived Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)?

3) Buy more property with the saved LMI

4) Are special interest rate discounts available?

5) Which Accounting Bodies are recognized?

6) Are you a partner in an Accounting firm?

7) How do I prove my income as a partner?

8) Which large accountancy firms qualify for a reduced income verification?

9) Why are partnerships difficult for banks?

Home Loan Discounts For Lawyers

Legal professionals are great borrowers and the banks know it!

That’s why you may be eligible for special discounts on your home loan or flexible lending criteria when funding your legal practice.

1) What special offers are available?

2) Why can lawyers get special discounts?

3) Size of interest rate discount

4) Waived LMI?

5) Can my spouse own my properties?

6) What Law Associations are acceptable?

7) What about government lawyers?

Home Loans For Engineers

Engineers make things happen. That’s why the banks want to help you make your new home or investment property happen with special discounts for certain engineering professionals.

1) Which engineering professionals qualify?

2) What special discounts are available?

3) Why mostly for professionals in the mining and energy sectors?

4) Size of the interest rate discounts

5) Waived LMI?

6) What are the criteria to get your LMI waived?

7) What about Non-Mining engineers?

Home Loans for Professional Athletes

Just like everyone else, sports professionals need a place to call home.

Due to the variable nature of their income, professional sports players can often find it difficult to get home loan approval.

1) What do the banks think?

2) How much can I borrow?

3) How long should I have been playing professionally?

4) Do banks assess income from endorsements?

5) What documents do I need to provide?

6) What if I have changed teams/jobs?

7) What if I work overseas?

8) Do I qualify for any discounts?

9) What type of sports are accepted?

10) Will my application and details remain confidential?

Defence Force Home Loan

Are you in the Australian Defence Force (ADF)? Did you know that you may be eligible for home loan subsidies under the Defence Home Ownership Assistance Scheme (DHOAS)?

We’re experts in lending to people in the Army, Navy and Air Force and we know lenders that want to reward you with incredible mortgage discounts for your service.

1) What discounts are on offer?

2) Do you qualify for a Defence force Home Loan?

3) What kind of subsidy do I get?