MasterFinance’s Legal Partner can provide legal services related to Property, Finance, Business and Will/Estate Planning.


Conveyancing (legal)

Over the past decade there has been an increase in the level of complexity and skill required to complete a property transaction. Our firm’s national property law expertise ensures that when you are buying or selling a house, unit or land, your rights will be protected and we make sure that every step of the transaction is complied with accordingly.

Buying or selling a property is often one of your largest financial investments so it is vital that you obtain the right advice during this process. If you do not comply with your contractual obligations you risk losing your deposit and/or being sued for damages. Furthermore, it is imperative that the relevant title and other searches are undertaken to investigate exactly what you are buying.

Our practitioners have over 40 years of collective property law experience so you can rest assured that when instructing our firm you will receive a professional service that surpasses the competition. Our bespoke systems software allows you to track the process of your conveyancing online, so you receive the same level of service but at a very competitive price.

Our legal partner prides themselves on being at the vanguard of technology and our online conveyancing service means that geography is no barrier to us providing specialist conveyancing services throughout Australia. Our conveyancing services include the provision of:


Our professional fees for your “online” conveyance are as follows:

Purchase Sale
Queensland $990.00 inc. GST $770.00 inc. GST
New South Wales $1,650.00 inc. GST $1,100.00 inc. GST
Australian Capital Territory $1,650.00 inc. GST $1,100.00 inc. GST
Victoria $990.00 inc. GST $770.00 inc. GST
South Australia $990.00 inc. GST $770.00 inc. GST
Western Australia $1650.00 inc. GST $990.00 inc. GST
Northern Territory $1320.00 inc. GST $990.00 inc. GST
Tasmania $990.00 inc. GST $770.00 inc. GST

Off the Plan Contracts may take 6 to 18 months to finalise. As such conveyancing of these contracts will attract higher professional fees, please contact our office for a indicative quote.

# Please note that prices do not include search fees and outlays. They are based upon a standard residential contract providing for settlement within 30 – 42 days with a contract price of $1.5 million or less.


SMSF Self-managed super Fund (Legal)

We provide our clientele and their respective advisors with a real-time online portal to provide instructions and obtain documentation for SMSF trust and associated documentation.

By providing instructions online we are able to guarantee the production of the documentation within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of instructions. The majority of our documentation can be delivered in electronic format.

As National Lawyers Vow Legal is able to develop and produce SMSF documentation throughout Australia. All Australia wide document preparation, client liaison and certifications are handled and provided by teams that work under the direct supervision of a legal practitioner.

We ensure that your clients have every box checked when they enter into a SMSF Borrowing arrangement. Our team of specialists carefully go over each transaction, ensuring the documentation provided is compliant not only with the s67(4A) legislation, but with the lending institution as well.

We prepare the complete suite of documents in relation to SMSF Complying Loans including:


SMSF Statements of Advice

Through our subsidiary company we can provide your clients with Statements of Advice in relation to SMSF Borrowing, a requirement for some banks lending on these loans.


SMSF Establishment or Trust Deed update documentation

In order to comply with the ATO and the SIS legislation and regulations, the SMSF Trust Deed must allow for borrowing and provide for a range of other abilities includinge the charging of assets, the appointment of a custodian, and the ability to invest in property. Further to this, if the Fund is lending from a bank, the bank itself will have specific provisions it requires in order to release the loan to the Super Fund. Our deed is vetted by the major banks and complies with all relevant SIS and ATO requirements.


Company Registrations

The Trustee of the Super Fund, and the Trustee of the Custodian Trust, cannot be the same legal entity under Trust law. As a result, your client will likely have to register a company to act either as Trustee of the Super Fund or Trustee of the Custodian Trust. It is our view that it is preferable for the Custodian Trustee to be a Company. We can register either a standard Pty Ltd company for a Custodian Trustee, or a Sole Purpose Company Registration for a SMSF Trustee.


SMSF Investment Strategy

The Fund’s Investment Strategy should provide for borrowing, and the investment in property by the Fund. We can prepare an ATO and SIS compliant investment strategy for the Fund tailored for Super Borrowing.


Custodian Trust and Custodian Trust and Loan Packages

We provide both external lender (Bank) and related party lender documentation in relation to SMSF Complying Loans. You receive lawyer sign off on the documents, stating they are compliant with the SIS requirements, and they have also been vetted by the major banks so your client’s settlement will not be held up.


Finance and Banking Law (Legal)

Master Finance’s legal partner’s Legal’s commercial lending expertise includes group lending, staged development acquisition and construction finance, corporate debenture and third party securities, vendor funding, inventory, debtor and chattel finance, factoring and all associated documentation which includes:
  • Loan Facility Agreements incorporating Lump Sum Cash Advance, Revolving Cash Advance Facility, Multi Option Trade Facility, Progressive Drawdown Facility;
  • Bills of Mortgage (Freehold and Leasehold);
  • Bills of Sale;
  • Deeds of Guarantee and Indemnity (Corporate);
  • Fixed and Floating Charges and Mortgage Debentures;
  • Deeds of Priority;
  • Builder/Developer Side Agreements with Financier;
  • Deed of Subordination of Shareholder and Beneficiary Loan Accounts;
  • Corporations Law Director’s Minutes, Declarations and Shareholder’s Minutes;
  • Company Constitution and Trustee Powers Variation Deeds;
  • Non-Recourse Facilities;
  • Debtor Funding Facilities;
  • Negative Pledge and Profit Share; and
  • Joint Venture Agreements.

We are up to date with the compliance issues presented by the National Conduct Code in respect of documenting and varying Code facilities. We offer a 24-hour “turnaround” from receipt of instructions.

Our working knowledge of the law of mortgages and the law of securities is extensive as we have conducted a number of “work-outs” for different residential and commercial lenders and associated litigation to:-

  • Recover possession;
  • Appoint receivers;
  • Complete residential subdivisions;
  • Obtain full compensation from the State of Queensland; and
  • Asset sales by way of auction, tender and private tender.


Wills and Estate Planning

We have experience in preparing statements of claim, proceeding with applications for judgement, writs for possession and taking possession.

The Legal team has many years experience in Wills and Estate Planning. We maintain up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments in this complex and specialised area of law. Estate matters are inextricably linked with family relationships. and in this environment, we work with sensitivity and discretion to provide our clientele with quality solutions.

Our experience covers all aspects of Wills & Estate Planing including:-

  • Wills;
  • Estate Planning;
  • Asset Protection;
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney;
  • Advance Health Directives;
  • Probate and Administration of Deceased Estates;
  • Challenging a Will and Estate Litigation;
  • Executors Responsibilities and Commissions;
  • Family Provision;
  • Elder Law;
  • Guardianship and Administration;
  • Business Succession and Business Wills.

The price of a basic Will ranges from $300 – $350 (plus GST), depending on your instructions.