Business Loans

Businesses need money for many different purposes. This could be because they are a start-up, to prevent cash flow issues or to finance business expansion. The money is used to purchase equipment, to buy vehicles, stock or materials, pay suppliers, pay staff, to invest in new technology or to pay a tax debt. If a business or the business owner wants to purchase a commercial property for its own use, this is usually financed with a commercial mortgage.
1) What do banks think about lending to businesses?
2) Do I need to provide security for the loan?
3) I don’t own a property. Can I still get a business loan?
4) What about a car or vehicle loan for my business?
5) What documents do I need to provide?

Commercial Mortgages

A commercial mortgage is a loan used to purchased a commercial property, not a residential property.

Full-doc/Standard Commercial Property Loan

If you are applying for a commercial mortgage and have all your financials in order and those financials show that your business is profitable enough to comfortably be able to service the loan, then you will be able to get a good interest rate from the business division of most banks.
1) How much can I borrow?
2) What documents do I need to provide?
4) Are long-term loans available?

Low-Doc Commercial Property Loan

Applying for a commercial loan if you don’t have all the financial documents required by the banks?
Low- doc commercial loans for self- employed borrowers and professional investors are available from a variety of specialist lenders. You can avoid providing the paperwork that the banks normally need and still get a relatively competitive interest rate.
1) How much can I borrow?
2) What documents do I need to provide?
3) Can I refinance with a low doc loan?
4) Accepted Commercial property types
5) Are long-term loans available?
5) What do Commercial Low-doc interest rates depend on?

No-Doc Commercial Loans

Buying or refinancing a commercial property without providing any income evidence
There are fewer regulations for commercial loans which means the banks are not required by law to verify your income. This allows people with a complex or outside of the box situation to invest in commercial property without any hassles.
1) What is a no-doc loan?
2)Can I Qualify?
3)How much of the property value can I borrow with a no-doc loan?
4) Income evidence for No-doc
5) Loan purpose
6) How does a no-doc commercial loan work?
7) Does my credit history matter?
8) Which properties are acceptable as loan security?
9) Loan term
10)Commercial no doc interest rates
11) Which banks/lends do these type of loans?
12) Exit Fees
13) Exit strategy

Bad Credit Commercial Loan

There are a couple of specialist commercial lenders that can look past your credit file, focus on the future and assess you on your merits rather than a set of guidelines.
1) Are bad credit commercial loans WITH low-doc available?
2) What is considered a bad credit history?

Investor Low-Doc Loans

1) What is an investor low-doc loan?
2) Proving my investment income
3) Shall I use one or multiple banks for my portfolio?
4) My rental income covers all my repayments
5)Does location of the investment property matter?