Obtaining a home loan after you retire is possible.

Did you know that if you are retired or you are of older age it may be hard to get a home loan or investment loan? Regardless of whether or not you have superannuation, an allocated pension or are receiving an annuity income from an insurance company, the banks may be reluctant to lend!

However, where your income can support your loan repayments, there is a bank that can help you. The trick is to find the right lender that will accept your situation and provide you with the right loan package to suit your needs.

1) Do I qualify for a home loan?

2) What documents do I need to provide?

3) Why are the banks so conservative?

4) Will my age matter?

5) How does an allocated pension work?

6) What are the benefits of an allocated pension?

7) How does an Annuity work?

8) What are the benefits of an Annuity?

Veteran’s Pension Home Loan

Did you know that it is possible to secure a home loan on a Veteran’s Pension?

When applying for a home loan with the banks there needs to be proof that you can meet the repayments of the loan on a regular basis and that the income will continue until the end of the loan term. Even if you can provide this proof many banks will not lend to people who receive their income as a veterans pension.

So which banks can approve your loan? Read on to find out how you can get approved!

1) What is a Veteran’s Pension?

2) Do I qualify for a veteran’ Pension Mortgage?

3) What documents do I require?

4) How much of the property value can I borrow?

5) Discounts available